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A smart home with a heart

“Animus” has a very spiritual and deep meaning. In Latin it stands for “mind” or “soul”. In psychology it is described as the human subconscious, where decisions are made prior to any actions and reactions. These decisions become then conscious… Continue Reading →

Every story has a beginning – Part one

It all started four years ago while I (Fidan), my brothers Vatan and Vigan started to renovate our family house. The house had not been renovated since the 90’s. Looking back to the 90’s, we were then kids and fanatically… Continue Reading →

Animus Home at Start Up Fair 2017

Yesterday it was time for the yearly Start Up Fair hosted by Lund University. We were there to meet visitors and students and to introduce the Animus Home concept and story. A great event especially for those of you, who… Continue Reading →

Smart home in the garden

What we need to deal with sometimes at home and in the surrounding are distances between our equipment and the actual place of work. Let’s take Stanley – you surely remember him from our introduction Animus Home video. Yes, he still… Continue Reading →

CES 2017 draws to a close

This photo is a more unposed one right before we finished setting up our booth. We have another cool product we would like to mention! Sleep Number 360 is a smart bed that knows your sleeping positions and adjusts to… Continue Reading →

It’s the last day of CES 2017

Last day of the convention! If you happen to be in Las Vegas and are at CES, don’t hesitate to visit our booth #51017 to see all the cool demos we got and to meet briefly with us! It’s been… Continue Reading →

Cool products we seen and noticed

One of the cool products we took a look at today is the Laundroid at the Sands Expo. The Laundroid is a laundry folding bot, which promotes a better use of time, space and lifestyle. What we found was amazing… Continue Reading →

We’re finally here at CES 2017!

Quite a quick followup but we’re already here at CES in Las Vegas and today was the first day of the event. First impression… it’s huge! We realized that we will only be able to see a fraction of what… Continue Reading →

Follow us and experience the excitement of CES

While we are at CES in  Las Vegas we will also be updating the blog here as much as we can to bring you all the talk on new tech and what we see there. There will be so much… Continue Reading →

CES 2017, Las Vegas here we come!

We’re going to CES® (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada! Technology continues to shape the way we live, and this event is the place to be for seeing what’s coming. We feel honored to be part of the… Continue Reading →

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