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Follow us and experience the excitement of CES

While we are at CES in  Las Vegas we will also be updating the blog here as much as we can to bring you all the talk on new tech and what we see there. There will be so much… Continue Reading →

A smart home working with and without Internet connection

Most smart home hubs run on cloud servers, implying when you want to get access your camera images you must first log in to the cloud server where your data is saved. The same is valid if you have an… Continue Reading →

INFOGRAPHIC: Smart appliances in our kitchen

This infographic shows some current smart appliances that are available for our kitchen today. Infographic provided by Pennywell

Impressions and our top 5 products from CeBIT

Looking back at the CeBIT 2016, we are proud to say that it was a success and we would like to thank everyone that helped making it so! A great variation of idéas and products were shown this week and… Continue Reading →

IoT in our homes

Today, in the world of IoT (Internet of Things), there are a lot of expressions and technicalities that could be difficult to comprehend. All the different smart home device brands, their products and all the talk about Z-Wave, Bluetooth and… Continue Reading →

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