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Summer is just around the corner and it’s the time to explore, find new things to do in the sun, and most importantly spend time with your family. Hopefully all restrictions due to the covid-19 will be removed and we can all walk and travel freely.

The interest for summer houses has grown lately and many are taking their vacations to their summer house. As much fun as that can be, a summer house could be high-maintenance especially if it’s not in the same city. And this is exactly where Animus Heart jumps in to help you keep a tab on your summer house remotely and securely.


Beginning your vacation…

Before: Set an automation for your garden to be watered just when spring hits so that the grass and plants look beautiful before you head to your summer house for a time of relaxation. Sprinklers for the garden are commonly used, and can be remotely controlled when automated with the Animus Heart.

Arrival: If you’re reaching after sunset (late night) keep the lights of your garden and the patio lit through your Animus Home app so the family needn’t stumble across the driveway to turn on lights.

During: Summer days can get pleasantly warm, and what’s more appealing than a nice cool dip in the pool? Get notified instantly when the water reaches its desired temperature. Notifications can be sent to all your family members, by the way.

Maintenance of your summer house:

However, the real challenge comes after you’re done with the vacation. Keep reading for some quick tips on monitoring your summer house throughout the year.

A stitch in time saves nine…

Leakage: A problem costing millions not just for summer house owners but even insurance companies. Detect leakage in its early stage by having sensors connected to your Animus Heart to receive prompt notifications on the leaks. This will give you the upper-hand in fixing the problem before it spirals out of control.

Security & Alarm System: Stay burglar-free with a strong security system while your summer house is unoccupied. Using a mix of motion detectors, sirens and cameras automated with Animus Heart, you can make your summer house safe and secure.

Glass Shatter sensors: Having motion detection where windows are likely to shatter and automate instant notification to your smartphone, giving you the chance to get the window fixed and reduce further damage to the interior of your summer house.

Heat maintenance: It’s important to monitor temperature of your summer house during the winter months, in terms of securing the water pipes and the wooden floors and roof. Making several trips to the house is not always practical. You can simply regulate the heaters remotely through the app, or better still, set timers for when you’d like the heaters turned on and off.

Did You Know?

Summer houses are very popular in the Nordics. Sweden, by itself, has around 680,000 summer houses. Statistics from the year 2007 show that at least 50% of Swedish population have access to a “sommarstuga” or vacation house!

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