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Smart homes are fantastic. They can bring control of uncertainties which can cost enormous amounts of money. They can also automate repetitions during the daily duties at home, like a simple thing such as turning on and off the decoration lighting around the house. With Animus Heart, the automation options are vast, the different compatible products alike.  

Animus Home has for long delivered home automation options that makes automation fun and a breeze to operate. With Hub Quiz entering Animus Heart, a completely new level of user experience is introduced.

What is HubQuiz™?

HubQuiz is a trivia game created for Animus Heart. It lets you enjoy a trivia game with family and friends in a smart home environment. 

You find HubQuiz inside your Animus Home app, under the hApp section. hApp is a unique interface for the specific purpose it’s made. When you open the HubQuiz hApp a completely new interface opens for the game.

For the launch of HubQuiz over 1000 questions are brought to you and questions are randomized in each game. Once HubQuiz is downloaded to your Animus Heart it works offline, how convenient not relying on internet access. =)

You can also add your own questions to personalize the game for that personal event. For example during Christmas gatherings, a birthday, a proposal, or any other occasion.


How to play?

It’s easy, once activated and downloaded there is one moderator who manages the game.


The Moderator:

Moderator starts with the game setup to add players and assign the correct smart button (“buzzer”) and choose the question deck. 

After this step the game is created and the next step is to display the game on a smart TV in order to enhance the gaming experience for everyone playing.

The moderator will have one view on the app to handle the game, like opening questions and registering answers.

Moderator Views:



Players view the game on a TV screen and compete to answer the questions by pressing their buzzer the fastest. Up to 4 smart buttons can play in one game.
The TV-view can be casted on a TV with Chromecast or simply writing the URL on any SmartTV Web browser works fine.

TV View:


To play HubQuiz you need:

  • HubQuiz Starter Kithaven’t got one yet, get it here.
    1 Activation Card for the HubQuiz hApp.
    2 Smart buttons.


How is this interesting for the smart home?

HubQuiz is a great example of how a smart home can provide complex and unique content to the user by using what is available in a smart home. It combines smart home hardware and custom software for a new, interactive and fun product.

This is in line with our vision, by allowing smart devices to co-exist on the same eco-system also make them offer you greater things in cooperation.

The smart buttons you use as buzzers in the trivia game can also be used to trigger scenes or any other device in your Animus Heart smart home, for example playing music. 😉

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you wish to know more about Hub Quiz, visit the -> official website here <-


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