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The new Z-Wave Plus Long Range technology enables wireless communication between Z-Wave devices with an astonishing distance increase by 4 times. 



Smart home owners in even the largest houses can now with confidence place their wireless devices in even the furthest parts of their home and still have the wireless connections linked. This will be made possible with the new Z-Wave Long Range, extending the distance by 4 times compared to what Z-Wave devices can achieve today. 


Battery lifetime 

At the same time battery life on devices will become better, being able to work for up to ten years on a single coin cell battery. 


Maximum connected devices 

A third aspect of the new Long Range specification is to support the ever increasing amount of smart devices in the homes. Z-Wave today has a maximum of 256 nodes it can support in one network and according to the Long Range specification the new amount is tenfold, to over 2000 nodes. 


Good for everyone

All improvements will highly benefit the private home owner, whether it is a small apartment or a mansion that needs the wireless connection to cover a gate further away.
In summary, more devices can be added to the smart home, less maintenance with a better battery life and better wireless connection. 

The new Long Range specification also becomes highly beneficial for large scale adoption in industries like hotels, offices, construction and health care. 


Backward compatibility

What about existing Z-Wave devices? Yes, existing products within the Z-Wave family will be backward compatible to the new Long Range specification. 




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