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Animus Heart recently launched the major 2.0 update, also called ACRE. One of the amazing new features with this update is the addition of Scenes and the extension of the Automations tool. Scenes and Automations joined together in a new page called Home Automation.


What are Automations?

Automations is your smart assistant in Animus Heart that helps you regulate and control devices in the home automatically. The rules for Automations are simple; A trigger starts the automation, but only if all the conditions are met, and then it executes the actions. They are built by the user in the Animus app or desktop view. A more in-depth article about Automations can be found here


What are Scenes?

Scenes are similar to Automations in the sense that they make certain things happen in the home automatically. However, a scene only contains actions and the trigger is a manual button-press on the Dashboard.

Scenes can also be combined with Automations to automatically trigger a scene. For example, a “Good Night” scene that can be triggered from the Dashboard and also use it in an Automation to automatically trigger the scene when the time has passed 23:00.


How to add Scenes

Scenes are found in the Home Automation page. Scenes look a bit different on Desktop view compared to the app, but the same functions exist on both.


  1. Press the + sign in the upper right and choose “New Scene” in the dropdown menu.
  2. Rename your scene and choose between one of the five available icons.  
  3. To give this scene a meaning, you need to Set the actions. Do this by pressing the + button under “SET SCENE”. Similarly to the THEN section in Automations. 
  4. Once all your actions have been added you can test the scene by pressing the test button. 
  5. A scene button on the Dashboard will only be created for favourite-marked scenes. To mark a scene as a favourite, press the grey star-icon in the Scenes list. 

Default ‘dummy’ Scenes are created automatically for every new Heart installation. However the user needs to manually add actions to these scenes for them to do something. 


Example Scenes

Good Night – Scene that turns off all the lights in the home.

Leaving Home – Scene that can be used to activate any alarm-related automation and also turn off appliances/lights in the home. 

Let’s Party – Scene that sets the mood for a party at home. Colored RGB lights can paint the rooms with beautiful color and music can play on the speakers. 

Scene buttons on the Dashboard for instant trigger.




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