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Since its rapid growth, energy consumption has become a topic of concern. Today many scientists and environmental activists raises every possible flag over the issue of global warming. But hey, this article helps your pocket as well. Smart home solutions are a great energy-saving quotient now and you’ll be relieved to know there’s plenty of research that states energy consumption can take place between 1% to 15% and in some cases it may even go higher. 

Believe it or not, it’s not the design by itself but one’s lifestyle that makes all the difference. If your living habits are focused on energy consumption, you could be one of the few that are seriously taking a step to change our global status. Start by sealing cracks and providing better insulation of walls and windows that are usually found  in older homes of character. This could be your first step to energy saving. After which comes the installation of smart home devices that add to making our planet a greener one. 


A couple of simple energy-saving strategies would be to use motion sensors and timers to turn off lights and devices. Here are some more:

  • Lights: These consume at least 10% of a home’s energy. Switching to energy efficient bulbs can help reduce costs but even LED bulbs can waste energy when left on. Hence, control the usage of lights at home and you can drastically reduce energy consumption and wastage. 
  • Kitchen appliances: Often coffee machines, can be energy consuming when left on constantly and this can be changed with automated settings. A simple On/Off switch with the Timer-function in Animus Heart Automations can help solve this.   
  • Sprinklers: These don’t consume too much energy but on the other hand, it can help reduce your water bill to a large extent if you can time your sprinklers to turn on and off through your app. 
  • Smart heaters/air conditioners: These can be often left running and if you’re able to turn them off when no one is present in the house could help save so much energy while keeping your home at a comfortable warm or vice versa.
  • TVs/gaming consoles: When not in use, your television and gaming consoles can bleed into energy consumption as well. Regulating these switches through your smart home controller will also help save a large amount of energy.


Did You Know: 
The International Energy Consumption Outlook 2013 projects that the world will consume 56% more energy between 2010 and 2040. According to calculations by the Fraunhofer Institute, intelligent house control can save up to 40% of heating costs.

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