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Our new update, ACRE, has been launched with a bang!

We’re happy to bring to you a wide range of new features in our latest release. Our team has worked hard to bring a refreshing appeal to Animus Heart. What we’ve done with our app and system will make you smile with reassurance, so go on and read about the most exciting features. 


Streamlined Installation. 

The first experience with the Heart is re-made to make the onboarding effortless. New designs and just a few steps to guide you quickly through installation procedures, straight to the fun parts of home automation.

Get it here if you don’t have one yet!


The new way to access.  

The new account-structure is re-made and offers just one account for everything. Yes, one account for both local running, remote access and for all your homes. Do you wish to run Animus Heart only in offline-mode? No worries, it’s still possible once registered. 


The Design.

An improved design for the user interfaces is brought to you in this release.
Completely new apps are out there to be downloaded. The focus was to offer a more precise feedback, better customizability and enhanced experience when using the apps.


Multiple Homes.

Multiple Homes feature comes to your app. It’s the most organized way to handle all your homes, simply switch back and forth between your homes. Whether a summer house, primary home or you assist a parent in their home, all are managed from the same app.


The Home Automation screen…

The, previously, Automations tool has become Home Automation. This screen will be your companion to everything that’s automated in your home. Now there’s one addition to this screen, and it’s called the Scenes Tab. Scenes can be triggered automatically through automations or if highlighted as favourites with the star-icon, they will appear with easy access directly on the Dashboard. 

The unique structure and style of Automations will be recognized, even though the layout has had an uplift and added scenes tab.


Inside Home Automation.

Apart from the great layout improvements, new features have been added that makes the tool even more powerful. It has become easier to personalize the welcoming of a family member by allowing their presence to activate events or a certain scene. 

Or why not only allow events to occur during night-time or day-time. For these cases there is now a proper function named Day or Night. 

After your first automation, you come up with five new creative automation ideas and very quickly this becomes a long list with automations. This  is why we now have a grouping system in Automations. Put your automations into different folders or “Groups”, and have a better overview of your automations at home. This way you have a clean and fresh look on your automations page.


The Scenes.

We all have our specific routines at home. To comply with our routine, our home would need to be in a certain mood during a morning before work, or when we have guests visiting us. Now, it’s very easy to prepare for such occasions with the new tab Scenes in Home Automation. Give the command on what you want to happen on a specific occasion, have it automated with schedule in the Automations tab or highlight it as favourites. With the star-icon marked you can highlight your scene and it will become visible on your Dashboard for easy access. 


Presence detection.

A home should be in a certain state whether you or any family member is at home. Certain automations should be active when you’re there and others when you’re not. This is possible with the new presence function. The Heart will detect whether you or your connected family members are at home or away. Enjoy this new function with other automations!


Personalize your app layout.

Many of your devices are multipurpose, having more than one function. Some of them you really want fast access to and overview of, whilst others kept hidden. In this new update the device-cards can be extended to show more functions, customized as you want them to appear. 


The Dashboard.

There are three immediate changes to notice on the Dashboard. Firstly, the app shows a status card with family members that are away from home or at home. Secondly, you can have your favourite scenes shown on the Dashboard and triggered with just a touch. Thirdly, you can customize your dashboard to show any necessary device function.   


Run on a Desktop.

You are still able to use the Desktop-view to easier manage your smart home [People applauding]. Design improvements are visible throughout the screens. On the Dashboard for Desktop-view you can also see “Upcoming Events”, which you can’t see on the mobile app. Upcoming events will show you (up to three) nearest scheduled events from Automations. 


More compatible devices.

New to the compatibility list is IKEA Trådfri Gateway. Enjoy IKEA lights, switches and blinds from Trådfri, Kadrilj and Fyrtyr on the Animus Home App. Many other major brands have received improved integrations and even more devices are added to the Animus Home platform. 

Here is the full compatibility list.


Enjoy your upgraded smart home!


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