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Doorbells Back Then…

History tells us that the idea of doors came from ancient Egyptian art. Eventually, this led to people finding ways to make their hosts aware of their presence at their residence. It all started from a simple knock on the door to a manual bell, to a buzzer that buzzed boringly, to doorbells connected by a long stretch of wires and batteries. As tastes and technology evolved, wireless doorbells were soon introduced.

Doorbells Now…

Today we have doorbells wirelessly communicating with systems, some even have cameras on them. Doorbells can now be found with technologies like Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and even cheaper alternatives on 433 MHz. Kjell & Company just recently launched a brand new product, Cleverio – wireless doorbells for your smart home. As these are perfectly compatible with Animus Heart, it opens a wide spectrum of creative possibilities to make your simple doorbell a smart one. These are extremely affordable, and you’re paying little or nothing to add high-end quality to your modern home.

How does Animus Heart make Cleverio Doorbells smart, you may ask? Well, here are some illustrations to display their compatible creativity…

  • Link the doorbell to your security camera, and when the buzzer is pressed, a camera snapshot can be sent to your e-mail through the Animus Heart.
  • Cleverio provides two kinds of doorbells – battery-powered and wall-plug powered. As these are budget-friendly (under 200 SEK / $20), you can have more than one. Let’s say one situated in the front extreme of your house and another at the back so you can be sure to hear visitors no matter which part of your home you’re at.
  • You’ve Got Mail – if you fix a sensor in your mailbox that would automate the doorbell and you could be informed when you’ve received post…
  • Set it as an alarm clock, or automate it to render a fire alarm.
  • It’s important to make your home appear to be inhabited when you’re away. For example, automate your bedroom lights to turn on when the doorbell rings to create an illusion of presence in your house in case the stranger is a possible burglar.

So what are you waiting for? Make your doorbells smarter already!



Did You Know?

The first electric doorbell was invented by Joseph Henry back in 1831. At the time, many homes did not have electricity. So early doorbells were sold with their own attached wires and batteries.

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