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Small homes needn’t be a restriction for smartness. Although they seem intimidating, smart home devices are a breath of fresh air even when introduced into your little home, especially if you’re a renter. The trick is to have a strategy set in place to turn an apartment into a smart home. You can use devices without any rewiring or permanent installation. 


Start small. Automate the blinds, lights, coffee machine and music speakers. It’s super helpful to have smart locks especially when you have family visiting. While at work, you can manage the security locking system from a distance or give them access to it so they may come and go as they please without any hassle. 


A list of things to help you get started:


  • Smart lights : These are simple and, of course, most essential. Even on your balcony and in corridors along with motion sensors. 
  • Smart blinds : Efficient and time saving when you don’t have time to manually draw your blinds. Just add these to your automations on the Animus Heart app. 
  • Smart security and locks : These can help you grant access to family and friends in your absence, plus, it saves you time and keeps you “keys-free”. 
  • Smart coffee machine : Every home needs a coffee machine! And what more could you wish for but to have your coffee up and running first thing in the morning while you regulate it from your bed? This is a must-have for most people, even in a small apartment. 
  • Smart voice assistant : This smart home device can be an add-on even though it’s not always a necessity in an apartment. If you’re a person who likes to talk to your voice assistant to get things done a tad quicker, then sure, have this connected to your Animus Heart as well.
  • Smoke detectors : You could reduce the risk of unsuspecting fires with handy smoke detectors around your apartment that give you a buzz on your Heart app at the first sign of smoke and also send messages to your neighbours!


Additionally, if you are an AirBnB owner, accessorize your home with smart devices and have your Animus Heart control them when you aren’t around. Not only will you be able to grant guests access to your home without you being present, but you can also keep tabs on the lights and appliances that may be left on when the guests aren’t present. You can use motion sensors to determine whether the house is occupied or not. Be secure. 


Did You Know?

Statistical survey says 86% of millennials are willing to pay more for a property fitted with smart technology.

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