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“Did I leave the oven on?” “Have I turned off the water tap in the cellar?” “I hope Johan closed all the windows and blinds…”

Are these familiar stressful home situations before heading out for a few days? Of course, it’s vacation season and so many things to get done, so we’re encouraging you to stay on top of your game and have complete control of your smart home even when you’re enjoying the waves at a beach or jumping into a clean pool at your holiday home far, far away.  

With Animus Heart it’s easy to be in control and have access to your home from far distances. The ingenious solution Animus Heart is built on for remote controlling allows quick and reliable connectivity. For a detailed explanation on how the remote access solution works take a couple of minutes to read our earlier blog here.

Possible scenarios:

A useful advantage of having control of your primary home, or even your secondary home, is that you can save ample amount of time and costs without even realizing it! An easy start would be automating leakage sensors and you’ll get notified on any leakage in its initial stages. This helps you fix it quickly without incurring ridiculous damages.


Open windows are like an open invitation to burglars, make sure there are no windows left open. Keep a close watch on all your windows through your app. You can also get notified on the temperature of your primary or secondary home and this helps you regulate the temperature remotely to keep it ready for your arrival.


Did You Know?

“Stress is directly related to how out-of-control one feels.” -Anonymous. So feel free to be in absolute control of everyday things. 🙂 



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