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We’ve had users wonder why Animus Heart is needed when they’ve got a Voice Assistant to help them already. In their defence, at a glance, it does seem like Google Home and Animus Heart are similar home automation systems, but that’s where one can miss the point! Animus Heart is the crux of home automation while Google Home, Amazon Echo and the like, are mostly interfaces that can work with Animus Heart as a foundation.

Our intention here is to help you discern the difference – or should we say, ‘reality’ of the two individual products. Let’s unreservedly focus on the factors of Animus Heart and Google Home.

Animus Heart…

  • …provides a full-scale smart home system, as you are aware already, and this controls all your smart home products irrespective of the various brands one might be inclined to use, along with any voice assistant devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.
  • …is a multi-protocol gateway that supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, BT, protocols on 433MHz and also Zigbee lights via the Hue-bridge, also helps connect with a large variety of brands of devices and allows you to control the app from anywhere in the world!
  • …also offers benefits from different technologies, battery powered or by cord.
  • …is not cloud-based, therefore, working without any internet connection not only increases its stability but also provides speedy response to all your devices. The Heart is based on local network configuration. You get more privacy and it’s extremely energy efficient.
  • …can be controlled through the app, you can give access to multiple users within your family.

Google Home, on the other hand, is a brand of smart speakers by Google with in-built voice assistant that helps you control some of your smart home products. But this might provide limitation to the number of products and brands that it can be connected to. Since it’s cloud-based, there’s fair possibility of losing connection to your smart home without internet and this can be perceived as a slight restriction. Hence, smart home experts recommend having voice assistance speakers as add-ons to a smart home, but not replace any full-scale smart home system.

Wi-Fi is not suitable for all smart home devices and most of these depend on some cloud services to function well, consuming a lot of energy and making it unsuitable for battery-driven devices/sensors. Cloud services need continuous maintenance, otherwise they’re rendered useless.

In a nutshell

Full-scale systems, such as Animus Heart, create a better foundation for one’s smart home while fulfilling the three critical criteria for a home – freedom, safety with privacy and stability. Build the rest of your smart home with other devices and voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo upon this foundation and you can be sure to enjoy a powerful, yet fun smart home!



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