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We’re living in a sleep-deprived, fast-paced society these days and, boy, wouldn’t you give anything to have some extra time? Time is a luxury if it’s saved, and this is where home automation comes in handy.

Time Saving Tactics

Let’s get started with a few everyday scenarios. To save YOU time, we’ve listed out a few below that might give you an idea of how creative you could get with the Animus Heart in your smart home!

  • Have your coffee machine ready with hot coffee even before you get out of your bed. (10 minutes).
  • Automate your blinds to open or shut on a daily basis. (5-6 minutes).
  • End your garage door struggles and automate that too so it’ll save you time and effort! (5 minutes or more).
  • No need to spend time talking over the phone to check on whether your kids have reached home or not, you can simply automate a notification on your Animus app so that you can save those precious minutes from excusing yourself at an important work meeting. (10 minutes – or more!)
  • Automate the lights to turn on and off as per your family’s schedule throughout the year. (At least 5 minutes per day!)
  • As a bonus – Lock your home automatically so you don’t fumble for your keys and spend multiple seconds trying to lock the front door.
  • If you regulate your bedroom temperature before you hit the sack, it could save you valuable time so you can fall asleep almost immediately. (see ‘Did You Know?’)  


If you’ve done the necessary calculation with the simplest of scenarios we’ve drawn out for you, we’re confident that you can fathom for yourself that this gives you ample amount of time to relax, and restore your calm on a daily basis. That’s the amount of time you have left to enjoy a boardgame with the kids or whatever you’ve dreamed of doing on a lovely Monday evening. Save time, save energy.


Did You Know?

Recent neurological and psychological studies show that sleeping in a room with a temperature of approximately 18-19 degrees celsius is the best as one achieves “deep sleep” in such conditions. The opposite works for when one wants to wake up in a fresh manner, meaning it’s important to increase one’s core body temperature and that can be done by drinking a warm beverage first thing in the morning.




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