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Products running on the 433 MHz frequency are very common and can be found in most households. You see them often as remote switches together with remote controls. They can be used to turn decoration lamps and switch appliances on or off. With their integration in the Animus Heart, they can now be enjoyed in a true smart home.


About 433 MHz

433 MHz is a radio frequency used in physical products for wireless communication. Within the 433 MHz frequency there are different brand specific protocols. The 433 MHz products have a basic set-up, one transmitter sending a command and a receiver that makes an action of that command.


433 MHz products in Animus Heart

With the support from Animus Heart these products are becoming part of a bigger smart home ecosystem. Here are some examples of how Animus Heart gives better use of your 433MHz products:

  • Use the sunset/sunrise function or scheduler to command lights to switch on/off.
  • Trigger your 433 MHz switches from any Z-Wave or Wi-Fi motion detectors.
  • Make a 433 MHz remote control your universal remote for the home. Control all your other Z-Wave or Wi-Fi products with the click of a button. 
  • From the Animus Home app you can control your 433 MHz products, whether you are at home or at work.  


Support for 433 MHz switches

Some brands that are compatible with Animus Heart are Nexa, Luxorparts, Telldus and Cotech. Compatibility is continuously being extended with more devices and brands joining the Animus Home system. 


Advantages and disadvantages with 433MHz products


  • Affordable
  • Good range of over 30 meters


  • More crowded frequency due to its popularity
  • Less security compared to Z-Wave

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