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It’s a fact, whether primary living or a second summer house, we want to be in full control of our belongings. With the Animus Heart, you can make your summer house smarter and be at remote control whenever you’re not there. You can automate lighting and follow the temperature. Why not set up a security system with cameras?


Automate lights in the summer house

Probably you’re like most of us, you dislike entering a dark house. To control the lights from the Animus Home app you can use smart lights or make “dumb” lights smart. “Dumb” lights can become smart by adding a smart switch to the socket. Lights inside and outside can then be automated through triggers, from a motion sensor, schedule or after sunset/sunrise.

This not only saves you money but also gives great comfort.


Temperature and humidity check

It might get too hot inside the building or too cold on a winter day. Both conditions can be hazardous for the building and your furniture inside. You can monitor this with smart sensors. Use  sensors to read temperature and humidity that report directly to Animus Heart. From the app you can follow this information. Why not also automate so that when the inside temperature goes below 15°C, the heating system is activated.


Security system in the summer house

A remote summer house remains out of your radar most of the time. There is a way to stay in control. You can place motion detectors and cameras that cover angles inside and outside your home.

Use the automation tool in the Animus Home app to send a notification to your phone and snapshot image to your email whenever motion is detected.

Don’t forget that the same motion detectors also can be used to trigger the lights on and off when you’re actually there. Convenient!


Worried about reliability due to bad internet connection? Don’t worry, Animus Heart works offline as well!


Other ways to smarten up your summer house:

  • Use RGB lights and have different colors depending on room and occasion.
  • Keep track of leakages or flood.
  • Automatically turn off all electronic appliances when you’re not there.


Read more about how you can automate your home here.

Animus Heart is compatible with products used in the examples above, see the list here.
(Wifi, Z-Wave Plus S2, 433MHz protocols and more.)

To find perfect air conditioner and gadgets for your smart home, check out Gearhungry.



Enjoy your smarter summer house!


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