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For this blog post I assume that you already have one Animus Heart at home. If you don’t, you can buy one in tech stores all over Sweden or online:

or buy the Animus Heart directly from our online store. Go to
online store


Congratulations to your new smart home!

Upon receiving your new Animus Heart you should have a package containing; one Animus Heart, one power adapter, one network cable and one installation guide.


How to get started with your Smart Home installation

Take the network cable and plug one end to the Animus Heart LAN port and the other one to your Wi-fi router. I recommend you to have the Animus Heart centrally placed in order to have the best coverage all over your residence. You can place the Animus Heart on a flat surface or hang it on a wall.

Now take the power adapter and connect the single round shaped tube to the Animus Heart (into the round shaped port). Plug the other end to a power source. The Animus Heart at this moment should receive power and light up. A word of caution is not to place the Animus Heart close to hot places, near or inside sources of metal.

Almost there! Pick up your smartphone and go to your App Store or Android Market. Search then for the Animus Home Mobile app and download the app. The app is free!

Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-fi as your Animus Heart. Now the Animus Home app will scan your local network for a Heart. After a short while the app notifies you by displaying  “Success”. Enter the found Heart.

Next step is to register an account and set up your settings by following a simple guide on your smartphone.


Congratulations, you are now inside the Animus Home app and can start connecting your smart devices to it!

For more information and advanced settings, please go to our complete documentation online on docs.animushome.com.


You can also see the first time installation on our Youtube channel.


We will explain how a device can be added in a new video post, make sure to follow our YouTube channel as well!


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