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Communicating with the devices locally is high priority in Animus Heart. There are two main reasons why Animus Heart runs locally.

  1. The communication travels a shorter distance, meaning your smart home system will be faster and more reliable.
  2. It will not be dependent on a cloud server or internet connection. This makes the system even more reliable and also better for your privacy.  

On the other hand, accessing your home remotely is a key feature that we think is crucial to a complete smart home. With summer vacations closing in, this has become a highly appreciated function.

But how can you access your local controller outside of your home? In this blog post we explain just that. Read on 🙂   


Remote access

Remote Access is a function in Animus Heart that makes it possible for you to access your smart home from outside your home. Technically this means when you’re not in the same Wi-Fi network. Through the mobile app or on your computer at work, it’s easy and safe to login to your home from distance. If you wish to know how to enable Remote Access on your Animus Heart, read the guide here.  


How it works

Since Animus Heart runs locally on your home network there is no direct connection to a cloud server. This makes remote access more challenging to implement in Animus Heart.

Despite the challenges, the Animus development team created an amazing solution for accessing your home remotely. When enabling remote access on Animus Heart, you are linking your Animus Web account with your local Animus Heart. This means that when you log in with your web account outside of your home, the Animus Web Portal points you to your home and creates a direct tunnel with you and your local Animus Heart only. It’s like being there without being there.

Simple schematic explaining the remote access connection.


Enjoy a smart and safe home wherever you are! ☀️       

/ Animus team



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