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Today many of us are living in a smart home mania, new interesting and affordable products are being brought to market constantly. Through your Animus Heart, those nifty things are coworking and co-existing.

To get rid of repetitive routines, schedule events but also increase personal safety we started developing the Automation tool in your Animus Heart. This blog post will not cover how the automation tool works, there is a perfectly fine blog post for that here. I will in this post instead cover a few simple examples on what you could automate in your home instead.

Here are two of my simple, but very helpful, automations:

1. Perfect coffee in the morning

Devices used:
– 1 Motion sensor
– 1 Smart power switch
– 1 Regular coffee machine (I use the amazing Moccamasters).


I love sleep, that’s why my morning routine is optimized to sleep as much as possible. In this automation I have set my motion sensor to trigger a power switch that gives power to my coffee machine. I could just trigger the coffee machine during a certain time, but here is where I become more creative. 🙂

– Sometimes I oversleep, and I don’t have time for coffee when that happens. That’s why my motion detector becomes the trigger, which is placed in the hallway just outside my bedroom. When my alarm goes off (07:00) and I get out of bed over to the toilet, the motion sensor will notice me and right there know that I am awake. It will then check the criteria that the time is between 07:00-07:15, and if between that, only then it starts the coffee machine.

Extra: When the coffee is finished, I also made an automation to notify me about it and then turn the switch back to off, save the planet!


2. Lights during nightly toilet visits

Devices used:
2 Smart light bulb (use as many as you want)
– 1 Motion sensor.


There are typically two problems when going to the toilet during the night. One, finding the wall switch to turn the lights on and two, when you turn the lights on your eyes start burning like hell. So now you have waken yourself up too much and also the rest of the family for that matter.  

To solve that I created an automation with my Animus Heart to fix this once and for all! From a certain time during the evening, normally when we go to bed, the motion sensor coworks with the smart lights that lead to the toilet. When the motion sensor is triggered the smart lights leading to the toilet turns on, but not just on. They get dimmed down to only a few percent in order to not give that burning feeling in the eyes of the night walker.

Extra: Depending on the light bulb, you can also change the color to be changed into a warm white or yellow, which is even more gentle to the eyes at night.  




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