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We know that feeling of having all cords and hassles removed. It is more convenient and the design shows much cleaner and focus is actually directed to the device. Beside the aesthetic part, the Animus Heart is also easier to place on other places when you don’t need to consider also your Wi-Fi router.

Now let’s see how you can remove the ethernet (or network) cable completely.


Follow the steps below (or in the video-guide on YouTube) of how to set up Wi-Fi on the Animus Heart:

From desktop GUI

This example shows how to set it up through the desktop GUI, but you can also do it from the mobile app. Just follow the same steps.

Once inside the Dashboard, enter the settings menu on your top left hand on the interface.


Inside the settings page you can see a tab named Wi-Fi, click on that one.

The next step is to click on the Setup Wi-Fi button and start the guide. It will automatically scan for Wi-Fi networks and display the ones found. Choose your network, add the password and simply hit connect.

Once it shows “Success”, you can finish the setup.


[ ! Important: When you have given your Animus Heart a Wi-Fi connection, your IP-address might change and your GUI could freeze. Refresh the browser with the new correct IP-address, or if you don’t know the new IP, find it with your mobile app as you did in the first installation process ]

The last step is to remove the ethernet (network) cable and you are free to place your Animus Heart where you desire.

There you go, now you’ve got an Animus Heart fully wireless with only a power cord.


Note, sometimes it is more convenient to use the ethernet (network) cable since it gives more stability in cases where the Wi-Fi might be more overcrowded or loses connection.

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