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A smart home is when the smartness is attributed to the home as an entity, not to the single technology. The technology needs to exceed its single existence and become a part of the home. By introducing connectivity and apps in the frame of one technology only, it is basically like extending the remote control, instead of creating the smart system.

The first impediment was to remove the technical barriers that inhibited the smart home in order to include every single device and technology you purchased, and so we did. We created the Animus Heart, the device that unites the smart home independently of the brand or the protocol that sensors, cameras and other devices communicate through. By creating this fantastic device we were able to bring the smart home into one interface only. This was an incredible achievement that required massive engineering finesse.

The next step was to make the whole system manageable from one interface. From the very first moment it is applied, when you scan your home for smart devices, to the phase of handling them on a daily basis. In order to manage one’s home as easily as possible we created both a desktop and a smartphone version of the applications. For two years we have been working on the UI and UX by testing it on users with no technical skills.

The smart home lacked personality, it needed to adapt to your needs. We invented and created the hApp architecture. It is very simple. In the same interface you manage your home and you receive recommendations for what your home can do for you. It means that you receive creative proposals of what your smart technologies can do together. This way we create systems out of single devices and services.

Animus Heart brought the smart home into one interface and the Animus Home system diverted the focus from the smart device to the smart home, allowing it to adapt according to your demands.

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