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“Animus” has a very spiritual and deep meaning. In Latin it stands for “mind” or “soul”. In psychology it is described as the human subconscious, where decisions are made prior to any actions and reactions. These decisions become then conscious and sensible. Hence, you walk, talk, run, do that stupid thing you regret etc.

This was the way we saw the smart home, merely an extension of you and your inner requirements. A smart home should protect itself when you’re out, inform about any unusual events, manage the heating, make lights go on without you interfering directly and adapt to your needs, in order to create the events you mostly require.

A home is also a unique picture of who you are. It has been shaped and formed as a result of the very private decisions you make day by day, creating a unique reflection. This unique reflection of you transforms your home into a place of comfort and safety, where you can be yourself. That is probably why you have that great feeling every time you enter your place.

The word “animus” was an excellent description of how we aim to contribute to better homes. Hence, we established the company named Animus Home. 

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