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It all started four years ago while I (Fidan), my brothers Vatan and Vigan started to renovate our family house. The house had not been renovated since the 90’s.

Looking back to the 90’s, we were then kids and fanatically interested in things that were powered by electricity and could be handled remotely. We also loved making traps by using thread, building material and our toys. It ended up with having the whole home covered in thread and toys flying all over the house, surprising whoever entered.

This was the way we shaped our creativity and our curiosity about finding solutions. Nonetheless, it have also served as a primary contributor for siblings to bond and nourish a healthy fellowship.

Now, aside renovating the house, we also decided to implement the newest smart home technology so that we could remotely handle everything from the smartphone. Renovation and interior design has been a passion, stemming from our childhood. Professionally we were just about to finish Master studies. The end result of the renovation was a welcoming and warm home. The lights, sensors, cameras, smart TV-s we bought were a great amusement to control from the smartphone. However, a few days later the usage declined. By analyzing the reasons we found that we had several apps, different technologies could not be connected to each other and we were not able to configure them to build our smart home, our way. To summarize the problems, we had created a fragmented home in one house.

Our educational path separated somewhere in the primary school, now one of us has a master’s degree in Business and Economics, the other one is a software engineer and the third one an engineer in product development. However, we’ve kept the core foundation from our childhood, being creative and finding great solutions. Now we had the professional strength of tackling the problems from different angles and working towards the same goal.

Everyone must be able to have their home as they want it, without being limited by technology. Technology must be a tool instead. We decided to do this together, as all the other things we’d done before.

This story has just begun… 


Photo by Kevin Boutwell

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