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What we need to deal with sometimes at home and in the surrounding are distances between our equipment and the actual place of work. Let’s take Stanley – you surely remember him from our introduction Animus Home video. Yes, he still lives in the smart home and now gets out to his smart garden.

Stanley decided to build a decorative stone wall. Nice piece of work to do on a sunny day. But as stone pieces are getting cut, adjusted and polished there’s a lot of dust being created. The job is getting tough and messy unless one takes care of the dust right away. Stanley is well equipped – he has an industrial vacuum cleaner with extended hose. Great solution. Sadly, every time he wants to switch off the vacuum cleaner he needs to walk a couple of meters into the house to get to the switch button on the machine. That takes a lot of time and focus from his main job.


What Stanley can think of is a smart solution where he creates a hApp, takes 1 Aeotec Power Switch, 1 Flic Smart Button and the Animus Heart of course. Now Stanley connects the devices so that he can remotely control his vacuum cleaner. The power for vacuum cleaner is being cut and turned back on whenever he pushes the flic button that he can keep right next to his workplace or in his pocket, for example. The vacuum cleaner itself stays in the switched on mode all the time – the smart solution helps with switching the power on and off. Look who’s smiling watching his work being done fast and smoothly! No extra running – Stanley can focus on building his stone wall.

Nice and easy!

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