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Last day of the convention! If you happen to be in Las Vegas and are at CES, don’t hesitate to visit our booth #51017 to see all the cool demos we got and to meet briefly with us!

It’s been a great experience and we now have a lot of good contacts that we are going to keep having discussions with after the convention

Something we have noticed at the event: a lot of autonomous cars! Every big company is into it somehow


Two quick mentions

We noticed a cool line of smart home products from Griffin Technology, showcasing their Connected Toaster, Connected Coffee Maker, Connected Mirror and two smart chargers. What’s neat with the toaster is that it can remember your very-specific toast preferences, like how dark you want your toast or what type of bread it is. It even sports a Bluetooth radio. All these products going smart to simplify and make the daily routine enjoyable is quite heartening to us

Another cool product in show is the Petcube Play and the Petcube Bites from Petcube. What makes this smart pet care product stand out to us is the combination of the wide angle view cameras, nightvision, 2-way audio, recording and interactivity that allows pet owners to reward and spend time with their pets even while being away. That’s just seriously cool.


There’s so much to see here, and so little time. CES is a fantastic event to network and see what’s hot and trending in tech!

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