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This photo is a more unposed one right before we finished setting up our booth.

We have another cool product we would like to mention! Sleep Number 360 is a smart bed that knows your sleeping positions and adjusts to your personal settings for firmness and comfort. This bed even warms your feet when using its sensors and with biometric data can elevate the head when it detects oncoming snoring. We approve of the direction smart home applications like this product take in considering user wellness and health when knowing more about user habits and routines.


Anyways, we will take some time now to reflect back a little on the event and think about all the exciting things that happened and the people we got to meet

As we said on Facebook in video, we had a good takeaway from the event:

“That smart homes are hot, smart homes are interesting, and the visions are great, but the smart homes [of today] are all about being connected. And the connectivity…this is how we are going to solve it.”

We look forward to making a future of smart homes that resolves connectivity and remains comfortable, secure and personal to everyone who wants simplicity and elegance.

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