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One of the cool products we took a look at today is the Laundroid at the Sands Expo. The Laundroid is a laundry folding bot, which promotes a better use of time, space and lifestyle. What we found was amazing was not only does the machinery recognize clothing articles, but can separate clothing by category, owner and even things like colour. It even updates it’s own firmware which excites the geeks in us. Eventually they plan to have a full system for dirty laundry that integrates with your home. The Laundroid website shows that they are in the stage of preordering the /laundroid 1 for March 2017

the Laundroid, a laundry folding botShadeCraft's Sunflower, the smart patio shade

On the right photo we see ShadeCraft’s Sunflower, a smart patio shade. It gives solar power, lights, charging station, security camera, speakers, a microphone, smart home connectivity and last but not least, tracks the sun to give you shade! We were wow’d by the included sensors which sense humidity, temperature, wind and UV levels (we probably even forgot a few more). Who could not want something like this at their home? ShadeCraft’s website does not specify a retail price yet so we will have to watch this space and see.


We are meeting so many interesting and cool people, and there is so much to see here. If you are at CES we welcome you to our booth (Hall G, #51017, Eureka Park) wholeheartedly 😉

For those of you who could not be here we will continue to report here and post to Twitter and Facebook!

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