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Quite a quick followup but we’re already here at CES in Las Vegas and today was the first day of the event. First impression… it’s huge! We realized that we will only be able to see a fraction of what there is to see here. Nevertheless, the experience is great and there is a lot of interest in the startups in Eureka Park, including us. People around us all the time


Today we were visited by some friends from Sweden. Our partners Flic, Minut and also good friends from LU Innovation was there to say hi to us. These people were one of the first to believe in us and our concept


The Innovation Awards Showcase

The Innovation Award Showcase

Then we also visited the CES2017 innovation awards showcase. Lots of cool products that are seen as innovations here. Like these virtual reality glasses which were super stylish or this cool rehabilitation smart glove, both pictured below

IASH cool VR glassesIASH cool rehabilitation smart glove

All in all, the travel here went smoothly, we got settled into Las Vegas quite alright and we are ecstatic to finally be here!


Greetings from our booth at Hall G, 51017, Eureka Park in Las Vegas

Fidan, ready to talk

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