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It’s been busy here at Animus Home and we have been working hard to give you the best possible experience with us. We are catching our breath a little now to make an announcement.

We have opened up an online store that is now live! This is for pre-ordering the release candidate of the Animus Heart. What does this mean? It’s officially a home-ready version. We’re making it happen, and we hope you are as excited about it as we are!

On this limited run edition you would get to see the first batches of home-ready Hearts to leave our offices. As this is an important occasion for us this first batch will have something special for you to celebrate it. These Hearts will have a unique number on the label showing which device in the production-order it is, which future productions of the Heart will not have. Furthermore, we have included a little something nice as part of a Christmas offer if ordered before the 24th of December! A secret gift to connect with your Heart.

It’s an exciting time right now. Don’t miss out on pre-ordering this limited edition of the Animus Heart! Visit shop.animushome.com

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