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Most smart home hubs run on cloud servers, implying when you want to get access your camera images you must first log in to the cloud server where your data is saved. The same is valid if you have an alarm system where your camera needs to be connected and communicate with the motion sensors. The communication between these devices is handled on the same cloud server. However, all this communication requires that you always have Internet connection. As soon as you lose Internet connection the smart home stops working. Alarm system, lights and other devices that are set to assist you in specific times stop working.

Animus Home engineered the Animus Heart to work with and without Internet connection. As soon as Internet connection is lost the smart home devices continue communicating with each other. Since they continue to communicate it allows your alarm system, energy management system and so on to be functional. It is made possible by the core definition that Animus Heart keeps the data on itself and communication runs locally on the Animus Heart itself.

Your home, always.

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