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Fuzzy title? Well, in short this is a recruitment letter. In Animus language we are opening the recruitment portal to our Heart project, allowing two amazing fighters to join our A-team. Just enter www.animushome.com/ahrp and try solving our funny challenges!

There is an opening to join the coolest startup in Sweden?

Yes! You will become part of the amazing Animus Home development team. Working close with the core and revolutionizing the smart home industry. R&D is based in the most innovative science park in Sweden, Ideon in Lund, and the product, Animus Heart, is a gateway that connects smart devices in the home and creates magical applications with them. Become part of this amazing journey of finalizing the Animus Heart.
But hold your horses! It’s not going to be that easy

What do you need to do?

Enter the recruitment portal and find your way to the heart. This will be the first step to see if you are Animus Home material.

What are we looking for?

  1. One independant front-end developer with exceptional skills in UX and an eye for design. You have good experience in technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Photoshop and ReactJS but most importantly you love creating user experiences that makes the user go wow.
  2. One full-stack developer that understands what is happening from the far away server to how that information will eventually reach the user on a web browser. You know how to architect a system (business logic and database) and then build it in Java with security, memory and execution time and user friendly in mind (others working with your code are also users). You know Java, SQL and web development.

What kind of employment is this?

It’s a startup employment. In Animus Home it is translated to a high level of professional development combined with a high work ethic. No fixed working hours, instead you work for milestones.
The employment also covers domestic and international business travels.
We know some income is needed to survive. Therefore we will offer you decent cash and/or equity, depending on agreement.

Is there any way to improve your chances?

Always! Dedication and love is key in our team. You can share this post with your friends which will show your dedication in the project.


Hope to see many applications and take them to the next level!

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