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First of all, let us apologise for not bringing you any update earlier. We have been fighting in many fronts at the same time and also waited for some important discussions to be finished.

Humans as we are we had to give the team some rest after the intensive crowdfunding campaign and the amount of work followed by it. With fully charged batteries the machinery is once again running on full power.

Now over to some practical information:

  1. Animus Home is expanding, which is great!, and this requires us to move to new office spaces. More information about this will follow.
  2. There have been some delays caused by manufacturing and changes in the internal framework of the system, to give you the perfect Heart for your home.
  3. Because of the delays, our first units will go out in August. These will firstly be delivered to a small set of users for feedback and troubleshooting.
  4. Production has been prepared and we are almost ready for our first production run. The new delivery for the first batch is estimated to be in October and during production time the software will be finished for the delivery date.


Keep spreading the word of Animus Home and share your passion about smart home on our community. If there is anything you wonder just ask in any of our communication channels.

Stay tuned for part 2, coming in a couple of days.

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